Unique Excel solutions,  Arduino projects, antenna building notes, and directions to find mines in the Grant Historic Area, on the edge of Victoria's High Country.
This is a site created to pass on useful bits of the accumulated technical expertise of Peter Ward, who has a workshop near Bairnsdale, in East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. Previously concentrating on antenna design and testing under the ACMA AX2VCI licence, but with that call-sign now surrendered, the lab continues to be involved in all sorts of useful projects, both electronic and historic, many of which may be of interest to others.
   On this site you will find software and source code for practical DIY projects integrating EXCEL with both PICAXE and ARDUINO microprocessors. In the EXCEL workbooks, all project VBA is unlocked so you can examine the code.
   This site is your download source for a set of Microsoft EXCEL 2007 files covering all aspects of antenna design. construction, matching, and measurement. These files, the "RF" notebooks, have been distributed through "The Unofficial NEC Archives" since 1996, but now as "xlsm" files direct from the author via these pages.
   The  XLNEC antenna modeling workbook has been reworked (my sincere thanks to Chris Lord, VK6BHI ), and is much easier to use. It still has features not available elsewhere. As well as being free, it uniquely will produce a thumbnail pattern for each frequency stepped.
   As well as electronics, the author has interest in areas of educational research, and in the history of East Gippsland goldfields. Included here is some unique pictorial material. When the Victorian High Country burned in 2006-7, a lot of time was spent walking these historic areas with Gavin Keating and Fred Sargent, documenting and photographing features that had remained unseen for decades. The results are published as a series of files under the tab "GOLD", and include Gavin's original photographs of sites that have once again become overwhelmed with scrub and blackberries. Assistance with additional material, corrections or references would be appreciated.
   Electronic projects described herein may not help beginners, as they do not contain step-by-step instructions, and the author has no free time to assist with those that do not understand. Treat them as ideas to encourage your own project. My VBA, and 'C'  is very simplistic, old fashioned, and badly formed. Sorry.
   Except for the history pages, this may be a site for nerds.
   As ALL this author's ORIGINAL MATERIAL is COPYRIGHT, and under CONSTANT REVIEW, please do not host these files on other sites. Best to just link please. You may download original material from this site for personal study use, but you may not further copy or republish.
The old AX2VCI site, rebuilt to enable continuing access to Peter Ward's Arduino, RF, Excel, NEC, Antenna, Rife, and Becker files . Added material now covers early goldmines on the Grant (Mt Pleasant), Crooked River, and Dargo (Normanby) goldfields.
Photographs on this site, and particularly in the Goldfields downloads,  are courtesy of Gavin Keating, and Copyright remains his.
Bushfires in the Grant Historic Area gave access to places that had obviously not been available for decades, and is still  not of easy access. The Hobson's Bay Co. went out of business in 1888, but this candle box still sits where it was left.
Throughout this site, the term "EXCEL" refers to  Microsoft EXCEL, a trademarked product of the Microsoft Corporation.
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