DEVA Engineering is the business of  Andrew Ward, and is located in Bairnsdale, Victoria.. Some of his handiwork is pictured below. Includes a little of DEVA's spare time CB250, inertia dyno, 1911 Board Racer,and other motorcycle projects. Check Andrew's blog, especialy his inertia dyno at  His resurrection of a junked Toyota SDK6 Skid Steer is diaried in pictures at
DEVA three axis home mill for Dad's workshop..
Precision bed linishing machine, for cylinder heads, by DEVA
DEVA Prospector's dolly, one for Dad.
DEVA Engineering, 15 Radford Place, Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia.
             (03) 5152 3955
Dragonfly, off the DEVA plasma cutter.
Special gauge for turbine maintenance at the Power Station, plus box.
DEVA horse, one for the house, off the big router
DEVA Industrial belt trimmer.
A DEVA hydraulic press for the workshop.
DEVA's house built flywheel grinder.
Honda CB250 Cafe Racer, another DEVA.project..
A very special build. Only the initiated will recognise this  1911 reproduction Board Racer, another of DEVA's spare time projects
DEVA's plasma cutter.taking shape, mechanicals and electronics, "in house". Now a core part of the workshop.
A DEVA loader built for the Kubota. Gregg, another creative member of the family, likes big, and normally drives a road train over in the West!
DEVA hand made reproduction.saddle.
DEVA's CB250 Cafe Racer just grows on you.
Actually, I blinked, now is a "500!"
That's DEVA's 500 hp Motorcycle Inertia Dyno taking shape above.
Below, the massive chunk of steel that is its heart,with some very neat welding.
Armillary sundial, by Bairnsdale artist, Hendrik Forster, is located at the National Arboretum. Again Hendrick used DEVA's skills, producing the gimbal mounts for this project.
The entire pictorial diary of the Deva's rebuilding of this early Toyota SDK6, a project taking several years, is told on his blog page.
SDK6, before and after
Deva's touch. Another spare time project.